School Support: Textbooks, Uniforms, Desks

School construction affords more educational opportunities across rural Malawi. However, these buildings alone do not fulfill the educational needs of young minds. They need textbooks. Currently, in many schools across Malawi, a whole class of students shares the teacher’s copy. WH is working to provide new textbooks that are shared among smaller groups in our secondary schools in Malawi, helping hundreds of students. With this increased access to the text, students can reexamine concepts they may have missed.

Another aspect of school support facilitated by WH is donating desks to schools. This standardizes the educational experience and gets students off of the ground and into a better learning environment. Classes are better disciplined, better focused and better prepared for the lesson. Along with other educational support systems such as uniforms and school supplies, WH works to improve educational opportunities for Malawian youth.

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