Water Wells

In over 100 villages and schools, WH has drilled over 345 wells providing sustainable and clean drinking water for tens of thousands of people in the rural areas around Mangochi, Malawi. The pure water provided by the wells is fundamental to village life. It saves time for working villagers who would have to walk miles every day for clean water, giving them time to spend with their families or start a small business. Additionally, since the arduous task of getting water was often given to young girls, the accessibility of new wells improves school attendance and educational opportunities for them. Health-wise, clean drinking water has greatly reduced the prevalence of certain bacteria that were transmitted through a water supply contaminated with diseases and pollutants such as pesticides or lead. The surface water supply was dangerous for other reasons; occasionally, villagers searching for water in rivers and lakes would be attacked by crocodiles.

Beyond the tangible benefits clean water provides, it also serves as a springboard for other projects in the community such as our goats project and lunch programs in the schools. These wells, despite their cost, are one of our most fundamental projects with clear benefits for Malawians of all ages.

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