Kwa Watoto School Lunch Program


Within the Soweto slums of Nairobi, Kenya there is the Kwa Watoto School. Since 2002, this school has changed the lives of thousands of underprivileged children from the slums. Over 15 years, WH has provided a well, classroom and desks along with support for other projects. One crucial project funded by Warm Hearts is our school lunch program, which gives every one of the 850 students a hot lunch, often their only meal of the day. Over the course of a year, this adds up to 157,000 hot meals served. Since its inception in 2017, we’ve provided 325,000 meals.

This program has been a resounding success. Students who are fed pay better attention in the afternoon. Their academic performance and morale around the school have both improved. It also provides an incentive for students to attend afternoon classes. While we cannot assign a cost to these benefits, the lunches themselves are cheap–a year’s worth costs only 24 dollars.

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