Girls Health

Menstruation is a normal part of life for women. However, for some Malawian women and especially Malawian girls, a lack of menstrual supplies makes periods far more of a struggle than they need to be. For many, during their periods, they do not attend school and thus fall behind or even drop out. WH seeks to remedy this by providing thousands of reusable feminine hygiene kits to support girls’ education. The kits, and support by a Malawian nurse, have improved attendance and the confidence of these young women faced with what is a completely natural process.

In 2020, WH, as part of its campaign to “KEEP GIRLS IN SCHOOL,” launched the Young Women’s Health Initiative to focus on 12 schools in rural Mangochi, Malawi where 2,000 girls were receiving no support or supplies for their menstrual periods. We hope to be able to expand this project to additional schools in the future. If you would like to help us with the project, take a look at our GoFundMe campaign here (add link).

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