Classroom Construction

One of Warm Hearts’ flagship projects is the construction of school buildings in rural Malawian villages. Working with local villagers, parents and an experienced construction crew, WH has built 24 classrooms in primary and secondary schools since 2004. These classrooms have served as the heart of the education system for thousands of Malawians, including 2,000 new students every year. Maintained by the Malawian government, the classrooms also benefit from continued support from Warm Hearts.

After these schools are constructed, schools no longer have to hold “tree classes” outside under a tree. Students also have the chance to further their education. For the first time, local students have a real opportunity to go beyond the eighth grade in two new high schools in rural areas where secondary education used to be almost impossible. When WH helped build these schools, we also built libraries, providing a valuable resource for curious students. While many students become farmers like their families, new school buildings and support allow some students to become entrepreneurs and start small businesses or get higher-paying jobs outside of their village. While Malawian teachers still must deal with limited resources and large class sizes, the mere fact that education is pursued under a roof improves academic atmosphere, discipline, and performance. Construction is the first step to an educational system that produces a generation of educated students who will drive Malawi’s development.

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