Classroom Construction

Twenty-one classrooms at 7 different schools have been constructed by WHF volunteers from America partnering with villagers, parents, and an experienced construction crew. This has enabled 2,000 children to leave their “tree classes” outside and learn in the pleasant environment of a proper classroom. In addition to 5 primary schools, this project has constructed the first two secondary schools (high schools) in the area. Before Koche and Namakango Secondary Schools were built, the education of rural children in the area ended at the 8th grade. The children now have a brighter future beyond subsistence farming. The building projects include desks, lavatories and a well. The total cost of the project at each school is about $35,000.

Preparations are underway for the Summer 2019 expedition to complete the construction of Namakango Secondary with the addition of two more classrooms plus a library/science laboratory.