Matthew’s Walk

Matthew’s Walk

For his Bar Mitzvah, Matthew from Chicago organized a fundraising walk to raise money to help drill a clean water well in rural Malawi. The walk also raised the awareness about the hundreds of thousands of women and children in that country who walk up to 5 miles a day to the nearest water source to get a day’s supply of often polluted water for their family’s daily needs for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning. His well literally saved lives and helped transform a village.



12 year young Matthew explaining to walk participants the meaning of carrying water to understand what others around the world go through each day for water.

Excited participants at the starting line for Matthew’s Walk!

Children participating in Matthew’s Walk carried heavy water jugs to grow in understanding. They sent their love and compassion to children around the world who walk for water every day with each and every step.

More walkers whose lives were changed by being part of Matthew’s Walk for the children in Malawi