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June, 2018: Kazembe Primary School

Kazembe Village is a beautiful but isolated rural community of about 1,000 people near Mangochi, Malawi and bordering on the Shire River. For many years the villagers have pleaded with the Malawi Education authorities to build its own primary school. Because the village has no school, children must cross the river to attend school at Mthundu Village. To do that they must pay the owner of a small fishing boat to ferry them across the river, which is infested with crocodiles. Also, in the rainy season, crossing can be treacherous.. Twelve children two years ago perished when the boat capsized. In addition crocodiles pose a constant danger and have attacked many children and villagers. A young boy was killed by crocodiles in the spring of 2017.

WH has pledged to build the school for Kazembe in the summer of 2018. Volunteers from America will join village partners and an experienced local construction crew to build a two-classroom building, along with lavatories and desks. A well for the village was drilled in 2016. The volunteers will also bring books and school supplies as well as sports equipment.

The villagers are enthused about having their own school and meeting the Americans. There is sure to be singing, dancing, and games with the children—as well as some hard work. Plus an excursion to a beautiful game preserve or resort on Lake Malawi is being planned.

Join this adventure of a lifetime with us—and bring a friend!

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