273 Water Wells…

273 Water Wells…and counting.


One-third of Malawi has almost no access to clean, non-polluted water. In the rural areas pollution in lakes and rivers fosters a serious, ever-present health risk from water borne bacteria and parasites. These conditions are so endemic that they are a significant contributor to a very high infant mortality rate as well as a limited life span.

We are pleased to report that the Warm Hearts Foundation has just completed its 273rd deep water well in the Mangochi District of Malawi! These wells are manually operated and produce clean water for drinking and bathing. Providing a well for a village or school means that women and girls (who typically are burdened with the task of providing water for their families and for the schools) are no longer carrying water over long distances, often risking their personal safety. It also means that villagers no longer have to cope with the terrible water borne illnesses with their crippling and often deadly effects on infants and children.

We are very fortunate to have partnered with a water well driller in the area who can provide us with a fully operational well most anywhere in the area for about $2,500. And, due to the generosity of a donor in Michigan, we can count on a 50/50 match, which means we can drill a well with a donation of only $1,250! Many of our well donors are small church, school, civic or family groups who find $1,250 to be a challenging, but not unrealistic fund raising goal. 100% of your donation goes for a new well.

These wells provide clean water year round for tens of thousands of villagers as well as several thousand school children attending 17 rural schools. More villages and schools need wells for clean and accessible water. Safe water literally saves lives.