Water Project at Kwa Watoto

Completion of water project at Kwa Watoto Primary School in Kenya!!!


It is our pleasure to let everyone know that we have completed drilling the water well and building the plumbing system at Kwa Watoto Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya! Safe water is flowing throughout the compound for the children. The gardens are lush and green and the children look visibly healthier and happier. The total cost of the project was $65,000 and will solve the water problems forever. We drilled down over 600 feet to the second aquifer to ensure safe water for a lifetime. Our gratitude to everyone who came together to solve the water crisis. Together we can do great things!

Water Project Completed at Kwa Watoto Centre Primary School and Orphanage Complex

In January of 2007, the well was drilled at Kwa Watoto Primary School and Orphanage Compound providing permanent safe water for all the children. Shortly thereafter the rest of the plumbing system was completed. Safe running water and bathroom facilities are available for everyone at Kwa Watoto, everyday!!! Celebrations went on for weeks in Kenya and in the USA!

An amazing young Kenyan couple, Nehemiah and Carolyne Ndeta, only just 30 themselves, started two schools in one of the poorest areas of the Capital City of Nairobi. They now have over 1300 children in their Primary and Secondary Schools combined. The children attending their schools would otherwise not be in school because they are either orphaned or destitute and cannot afford school fees, school uniforms, books or supplies. Walking through the gate at their Kwa Watoto Centre School is magical. The children are some of the poorest in the world yet their spirits are bright and their dedication to learning is an example to all of us. Their joyful singing can be heard from blocks away. Small classrooms can hold nearly 90 students yet there are no disciplinary problems. Their 3, 4 and 5 year old combined classroom has 150 children. All the children understand from an early age that education is the key to a better life. They all clearly understand the opportunity they are being given in school and are very grateful for it. They are also operating two safe house/orphanages on the premises for nearly 70 children who have nowhere to go and no one to care for them. The waiting lists for these safe houses grow on a daily basis as children are orphaned by HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Classrooms at Kwa Watoto painted by Reach the Children UK

Nehemiah and Carolyne Ndeta, both grew up very poor. Their families did not have money for school fees. Nehemiah wanted to go to school so badly that he would go each day and sit outside the classroom window and listen to the lessons. When the teacher wasn’t looking, he would climb in the window. The teacher would catch him, kick him out and severely punish him. One day when the teacher caught him, it turned out the kids were to take the National Examination. The teacher told Nehemiah that he would make him a deal. He said Nehemiah could take the test and if he got the highest score, he could stay. Nehemiah did score the highest and today he and Carolyne are running the two schools which are changing the lives of hundreds of children immeasurably. They have faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenges since their opening in 1999 and yet, have continued to nurture and grow a loving, caring environment for the children.

2006 Water Crisis

Over the last two years they have been using city water to fill their water tanks for the Primary school of 780 children, but the water only flowed from the taps twice a week at best. They have struggled to serve all the needs on an inadequate amount of water.

This meager water service was, as of October, 2006, completely cut off because the local neighbors said the school was consuming too much water. The city water pressure in the area is too low to serve the other needs in the area. The school was without water for the children, who they also feed every day. For many of the children, this is their only meal of the day. They were in a crisis situation. We knew we had to act fast. We had a Hydrologist/Geologist out to the site in preparation for drilling a water well to permanently solve the problem. He determined that the optimal location for the well was just outside the main entrance to the school. The purchase of this land, drilling of the well, providing the plumbing, generator and pump system necessary to get the water to storage tanks and piped throughout the school and orphanage compound is $65,000. We will be very relieved when we can get this safe water system in place for the children. The situation is URGENT! In order to get the crisis solved as quickly as possible, we divided the project into two phases. The first phase, the cost of which is $45,000 covers the cost of purchasing the property, obtaining the necessary permits and hydrology reports, drilling the water well, purchasing the pump and generator to get the water to the surface for use. It also requires building housing to protect the generator from the elements and enclosing the well area with a wall with a large gate to protect the site but also allow for access for maintenance. The second phase purchases the large storage tanks, builds the tower and completes the rest of the plumbing system to pipe the water throughout the school and orphanage complex. It also includes a boiler for hot water. The cost of the second phase is $20,000.

We are happy to report that in January, 2007 after being held up by heavy rains for 2 months, the water well was drilled! The whole community came out to see the huge drill rig and other equipment. They drilled 656 feet into the rocky ground to the second aquifer to reach beautiful, safe water in huge quantities! We even had to exchange the original pump for a larger one to handle the increased volume and depth. We also had to get a larger, more powerful generator to power the larger pump. The storage tanks have been purchased and we have begun to build the tower and the rest of the plumbing system to pipe the water to the rest of the school and orphanage compound but we need your help to finish the project. We need $10,000 to reach our $65,000 goal and complete the project.

The mission of Warm Hearts Foundation is to provide a loving hand to lift those less fortunate out of poverty and into self-sufficiency by providing clean water sources, safe shelter, nourishment and educational opportunities. Our goal is to assist the school community in Kenya in building a permanent, safe water system. We would like to give the children the safe and sanitary environment they deserve and the chance to receive the best education possible to become compassionate, prepared citizens of our future world. It is our belief that the children we are honored to touch in our work today have important work to do in the world and it is our job to do the best we can to help them prepare for those future roles.

Drilling a water well does much more than provide safe water. It provides hope for a better future. Each new source of water provides opportunities and opens up possibilities which allow despair to be replaced with hope. Entire communities are lifted with the coming of clean water. It is our sincere belief that providing hope one village, one school, one child at a time contributes to a more peaceful world. If Warm Hearts can spread these tiny seeds of peace, we will have done our job.

Building six new classrooms for Kwa Watoto Centre Primary School

We are working to build six additional classrooms at Kwa Watoto Centre Primary School located in Soweto, Nairobi, Kenya. Currently, there are 80-90 children in some classrooms. We are working to reduce class size to 45 students to create an better atmosphere for the children to excel. The photos above show how crowded the classrooms are right now for the children. The cost of each finished, furnished classroom is $12,000.00.

Building a new block of three new classrooms for the 3-5 year old children Kwa Watoto Centre Primary School in Soweto, Nairobi, Kenya.

We are working to build a block of three additional classrooms plus lavatory facilities in a separate area at Kwa Watoto Centre Primary School for the pre-unit and kindergarten children. Currently, there are 150 children in one classroom for 3-5 year olds. We would like to purchase land right across from our Warm Hearts House Orphanage/Safe House, clear it and build a block of 3 classrooms for our littlest students. We would like to use the more costly cement slab roofing to allow for expansion by adding classrooms on the second floor in the future. The cost of the project is $80,000. To see photos of the beautiful finished classrooms please click on the Kwa Watoto tab above.