Matthew’s Walk

Matthew’s Walk


My name is Matthew Bondy, and I am 12 years old. This means I will have my Bar Mitzvah in December. In many synagogues, it is custom that the Bar Mitzvah do a Tikkun Olam project. (Tikkun Olam means to repair the world in Hebrew.) When it came to my attention how easy it was to change a whole village’s life through Warm Hearts Foundation, I immediately knew that I wanted to raise money for this organization.

Women and children sometimes walk up to five miles to the nearest water source, just to get a day’s supply of dirty water. They get there, fill up their jugs, and march back home. This is all the water they will use in a day—for cooking, cleaning, bathing, drinking, and everything else. Imagine if they had a well right there in the village. I know that I can make this happen, which is why I chose this cause.

A single water well can save lives and literally transform a village. My goal is to raise at least $1000. The Warm Hearts Foundation will match these funds which will provide enough money to build one water well in Malawi (or maybe more!).

You may wonder how I am going to raise this money. On Sunday, October 5, 2008, I will be holding a 5k walk. All participants will be asked to carry a bulky, heavy, jug of water the whole distance. My hope is that when they finish, they will realize how tiring it is to carry water over long distances… and it’s not even half the distance that the villagers need to walk.

Every penny raised will go directly to the Warm Hearts Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-for-profit organization. 100% of funds donated to Warm Hearts will go to the project, they take care of all expenses personally.

If you want more information about the walk, please e-mail me at bondy007@comcast .net. Or, send a check directly to the Warm Hearts Foundation at 7292 Eldred Ave., NE, Rockford, MI 49341. Please write Matthew’s Walk in the memo line of your check or write Attn.: Matthew’s Walk on your envelope.

Todah Rabah!

Thank you!

Matthew Bondy

12 year young Matthew explaining to walk participants the meaning of carrying water to understand what others around the world go through each day for water.

Excited participants at the starting line for Matthew’s Walk!

Children participating in Matthew’s Walk carried heavy water jugs to grow in understanding. They sent their love and compassion to children around the world who walk for water every day with each and every step.

More walkers whose lives were changed by being part of Matthew’s Walk for the children in Malawi