Allyson’s Fundraiser

Allyson’s Fundaiser: Books for Kwa Watoto

Update: Allyson’s Fundaiser was wildly successful, raising $2240 for books for the children at Kwa Watoto Primary School in Kenya!!! Everyone had a fantastic time for a great cause as you’ll see from the fun photos below!


Thank you Allyson!!! Your project is going to make a powerful difference, enhancing the education of thousands of children for years to come. Thank you for your beautiful, loving, caring heart. Thank you for being such a great example at such a young age!

The Directors of the school in Kenya are in the process of putting together a list of books that are most needed at the school. Once the list is ready, our team on the ground in Kenya will go out and purchase the books and deliver them to the school. We can’t wait to share pictures as the kids receive this incredible surprise! Stay tuned…it’s going to be great!


We are thrilled to announce that Allyson’s books were delivered on Feb 10, 2011. The kids and teachers were very surprised and overjoyed. It is hard for them to imagine that someone who has never met them would go to this kind of effort to get books for them. Carolyne, our Director from Kenya wrote the following to Allyson:

Allyson Dear:

I understand you are still young. How touching that is because with the money you donated you would otherwise have wanted to get yourself something for a holiday or buy a treat for yourself. I will tell you that you are young but very caring, understanding and thoughtful.

Your generosity gladly has given course books to more than 500 students who otherwise would not have had. Before you bought them the students were not able to do their assignments on time and most of the time they went without doing them. The teachers on the other hand where frustrated because they were not accomlpishing much.

Through you, the library is stocked and the teachers as well the students are grateful and happy beyond measure because of you. What an angel you are!!!

Happy holiday and Happy valentines day!